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New Food Trends

the largest stock of authentic

recipes and food related information


Brief preface:


I initiated this website project with a little stock of recipes and some information about food. I offered to online professionals related to food industry to participate the project so that we can provide quality recipes and food related information to the online visitors.

Cooking not a easy task as it looks like a simple job. This project helps the novice girls and guys to learn tasty recipes. They can serve their near and dear ones with recipes prepared by them and make room in their hearts.

New Food Trends is a unique platform that provides healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals from India, Pakistan and all over the world.

Invent hundreds of food recipes with their ingredients and all helping materials, method of preparation, pictures and detailed video instructions if needed from experienced chefs and cooking experts of all over the world.

We have recipes from almost every cuisines of the world from Asian cuisine to Italian, American cuisine to English recipes. the collection count is big and growing even bigger.

We also offers you lots of health and food related tips from famous nutritionists and dietitians like Zubaida Aapa, Chef Asim.


A piece of advice for novice, be sure all ingredients required to cook a recipe must be on table before starting the cooking work.


Just type


in your browser and enter a world

of mouthwatering tasty recipes!

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