can you microwave Styrofoam cups

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can you microwave Styrofoam cups

can you microwave Styrofoam cups

Most of plastic cups, bowls and containers labelled to use in microwave with Styrofoam. It is a kind of plastic and known as polystyrene mainly used in boat manufacturing and construction industry. Styrofoam looks like foam. Can you microwave Styrofoam cups, bowls and containers wholly depends upon the temperature of food or anything in it. Be careful while using Styrofoam cups, plates and containers in microwave. Read all instructions and caution labelled on Styrofoam cups, plates and containers before use in microwave.

can you microwave Styrofoam cups

can you microwave Styrofoam cups

Styrofoam microwave safe or not

It is strongly belief that Styrofoam and polystyrene cups, bowls, plates and other containers are harmful to use in microwave. Experiments and study proved that many form of Styrofoam and polystyrene can be used in microwave safely. You should follow all rules and instructions labelled on cups, plates and containers as in case of plastic containers. Can you microwave Styrofoam cups; bowls, plates and other containers totally depends upon label of cautions printed on them.

Styrofoam structure

Identical chains of styrene molecules give rise to polymer called polystyrene. It is kind of plastic. It is good material but can produce toxic fumes in extensive heat. So Styrofoam and polystyrene plastic can be used in microwave if labelled safe.

Styrofoam in microwave

U.S. food and drug administration authority control and regulates rules about microwavable plastic food containers. Styrofoam and polystyrene plastic cups and containers passed for microwave on their ability to resist extensive heat and chemical reaction. For example if you boil water above 200 degrees Fahrenheit then it will melt polystyrene container in to styrene gas. This gas becomes part of food and can spread cancer in humans. can you microwave Styrofoam cups, bowls and containers mainly depends upon how much it is heat resistant.

Other things never use in microwave

Microwave is very useful invention of science. It can heat up thing, foods in seconds. You can bake things very fast. Microwave operation is mystery for many of people among us. Where it can bake things it can explode things. So use of microwave and things in it has many cautions and operating instructions. Chicken roasted in minutes in microwave. when guest is in hurry Cake can be baked quickly. Microwave can do almost everything but use of many things in it very dangerous. Below are mentioned things never use in microwave oven.

  • Disposable bags

Keep away all kinds of handy bags for example paper lunch bags, plastic bags and newspapers. According to USDA these items can create fire and explode in microwave. Upon chemical reaction they can emit toxic fumes and particles. These materials become part of food in presence of heat and dangerous for health. All kind of bags unless not labelled that they can use safely in microwave can catch ignition in presence of intensive heat of microwave.

  • Margarine containers

Low grade and cheap plastic containers cannot be used in microwave. All kinds of plastic containers used to store different food items are not feasible for use in microwave. Margarine, sour cream, yoghurt and sweets plastic packs can burn in microwave. They are only for one time usage at room temperature and cannot withstand intensive heat.

  • Eggs

Never try to hard boil eggs in microwave. Intensive heat of microwave produced extensive steam in egg so it burst.

  • Styrofoam Containers

Many kinds of Styrofoam are not safe to use in microwave. It is a shape of plastic. They can melt or burn in extensive heat of microwave. Only clearly labelled plastic and Styrofoam cups, plates, bowls and containers can be safely used I microwave. can you microwave Styrofoam cups, bowls and other containers with heat resistance according to FDA approved standards.

  • Fruits

Most of fruits are not resistant to extensive heat. Do not directly heat fruits in microwave. They will produce smoke and can be fired out.

  • Plates with Metallic Trim

Cups, bowls and containers of low grade metal are not safe to use in microwave. They can melt and make poises fumes. This toxic material can mix in food in presence of heat. Resulted food heated in microwave dangerous for health.

  • Chilli

Never heat chilli alone in microwave. It will convert in to smoke and ashes. On opening microwave door it will damage your eyes and throat.

  • Can you microwave Styrofoam cups or Cheap mugs

Do not use cheap material mugs to heat up tea. Only use mugs labelled safe to use in microwave or can you microwave Styrofoam cups with heat resistance.

  • Aluminium Foil

It can start fire in microwave oven. Wrapping of food in aluminium foil to heat up in microwave not save.

  • Heating food in plastic containers

All kinds of plastic containers are not harmful for health. Check that they are labelled to safe use in microwave. The heat limit clearly mention on plastic container. Low quality and low grade plastic can cause cancer in humans. In presence of extensive heat chemical reactions of low grade plastic can produce dioxins. Dioxins can produce cancer in people. do not use plastic plates for baking pizza. can you microwave Styrofoam cups, plates and bowls with heat resistance used safely in microwave ovens.

Main points

  • In general microwaved things not very much health for humans.
  • Below are written main points to keep in mind while using microwave.
  • Try to use glass and quality ceramic containers to heat and cook food in microwave.
  • Never use low grade plastic containers for microwaving.
  • In year 2017 usage of microwaves increased. use microwaves carefully.
  • Almost all one time use containers of plastic, glass and jars are not safe to use in microwave.
  • Overheated or many time used high quality plastic containers also becomes dangerous for microwaving.
  • Plastic bags taking from shopping malls and grocery stores are not safe to use in microwave.
  • Read cautions and instructions in label on container for use in microwave.
  • Can you microwave Styrofoam cups, bowls and other containers safely used with microwave depends how much heat bearing capacity of container. Normally it do not exceed than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
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