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vitamin c function

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Vitamin C function

Vitamin C function and benefits It is vital vitamin for men and women.Vitamin C alternatively called ascorbic acid. Sodium ascorbate is one of a number of mineral salts of ascorbic acid.It is dissolved in water. Heat makes unstable its chemical bonding. It mixed with water and absorbed in stomach. Extra... more

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Milk nutrition facts for Whole and skim milk

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milk nutrition facts whole and skim milk

  What is whole milk Whole milk is dairy product. The unaltered milk obtained from cow or buffalo. Unaltered means no compounds such as fats has been extracted or removed from it. There is 88% water present in it by nature. 3.3g of fat present in 100g of milk. Detail... more

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fat burner (fast and safest)

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fat burner - fast weight loss

Some truths and precautions about fat burners All fat burners are not utmost safe for all. They can make minor changes in body processes. There are chances present all the time for minute side-effects.  Take fat burner with the consultancy of your doctor. Basic function of fat burner is to... more

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muscle building foods and meals

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muscle building foods meat

muscle building foods and meals Meat     BEEF Beef is a part of muscle building meal. meat of Beef is a vital and important ingredient of food and diet because it is enriched with protein, zinc and iron. It is one of the best muscle building foods which should... more

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