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It is bad but not dangerous disease also known as piles. Piles are vascular structures in anal canal and provide cushions to control stool. Inflamed stage of piles called Hemorrhoids disease. This disease is of two kinds called internal Hemorrhoids and external Hemorrhoids. Internal and external disease has different signs and symptoms. In internal disease there is no pain but red rectal bleeding during defecating. External disease comes with swelling and pain at anus area.

Internal disease divided in four grades based on degree of prolapse.

  • Grade 1      (No prolapse, just prominent blood vessels)
  • Grade 2      (Prolapse upon bearing down, but spontaneous reduction)
  • Grade 3      (Prolapse upon bearing down requiring manual reduction)
  • Grade 4      (Prolapse with inability to be manually reduced)


Causes of Hemorrhoids

Exact cause is not identified yet. Different factors that increase pressure in abdomen cause this disease. Long term constipation, diarrhea and sitting on toilet for long time can cause disease in men and women. Many women become victim of this disease during pregnancy.





Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids

By looking affected area this disease diagnosed. Many people see something wrong around anal area they believe this disease but in many cases it is not. Colonoscopy can confirm this disease.


There is no specific treatment in initiation of disease. Patient must take fibre diet and take maximum fluids to maintain hydration. For pain patient can use NSAIDs and take rest. You can get rid of Hemorrhoids by taking healthy food and initial care in diet. But if condition becomes worse than surgery may be needed. 50% to 60% people have this problem in their life. It is common in male and female. Mostly people got this disease in old age.

Do Hemorrhoid Pillows or Cushions Help?

Especially in external Hemorrhoid pain increases when you sit. It is very uncomfortable to sit in this disease. Pillows and cushions provide you relief from pain. Pain is due to swelling condition around the anus. During sitting pressure developed on swelled place. Donut shape cushion provide comfort in this disease. Patient cannot sit for longer period of time. Office worker must have to walk after some time to release pressure and betterment of blood flow in swelling area.

Pillows are available in different materials and design. Patient can choose one of them which provide him best comfort.

Complications in hemorrhoid

  • Strangulated hemorrhoid

when blood supply to hemorrhoid is cut off this condition is known as strangulated hemorrhoid. in medical point of view it is dangerous situation and proper medical treatment and consultancy required in emergency. it leads to severe pain in anal area. ulceration, tissue death or gangrene may happened in affected area. you must have all necessary medical treatment to establish blood supply to affected area to prevent infection and dead tissue.

  • Anemia

Another complication may be developed from this disease is chronic blood loss. it is very rare case in this disease but it is dangerous because excessive blood loss may suffer oxygen supply to body and vital organs of body. patient feels fatigue and pressure on heart muscles. this condition may be diagnosed by blood test for its quantity and oxygen carrying power.

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