Mesothelioma death process

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Mesothelioma death process

Mesothelioma death process

It is very difficult to manage things when your near and dear one’s going to death. When you are advised to prepare for death, you must prepare for mesothelioma death process.

  • Write down your will

You must write down all instruction about your property. In writing will legal and moral rules must be followed. Will must be in written form in presence of witness.

  • Manage your important work

You can hand over all financial details to your successor. Write down all important work in its priority level. Tell any responsible person about your banks accounts, credit cards and other financial matters.

If you have life insurance plan give all details to your successor.


Mesothelioma death process

Mesothelioma death process

Signs of Death

Person going through mesothelioma death process shows following signs.

He will be confused, restless and bored. Do not enforce to talk with him.

Patient agitates in presence of people. Please leave only one person near him. Give time to manage his last moments of life.

Sudden decrease in hunger so please does not force to eat.

Body temperature decreased. Specifically legs dropped temperature.

Muscles of body relaxed. There is no control over bowls and urine.

Circulation of blood decreased so body colour becomes bluish.

Breathing process disturbed and patient feels difficulty in breathing during mesothelioma death process.

Drowsiness or increased sleep and unresponsiveness. he does not take any interest in any talk.

he does not recognize his family members and close persons.

Loss of reflexes is near about end of life.

Mesothelioma facts

Mesothelioma is near about incurable kind of cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Our vital body organs are covered by thin layer of tissues. This disease starts from this layer and damage it. Asbestos fibres damage this layer and become cause of cancer.

It takes about 10 to 30 years to show symptoms of disease after its initiation.

Care in mesothelioma death process

End of life care important because it involves reliving pain of patient. Full attention is given to provide comfort to mesothelioma patient.

Anxiety of patient handled carefully. Most family members present near him and talk to him and help him to remain positive.

Doctor must be provided to him according to his faith. All on going situation discussed with him in gentle manner.

If patient feels comfortable at home than he must be kept at home. You can continue treatment in hospital if patient like it.

Give him full spiritual, psychological and medical support during mesothelioma death process.

Benefits of end of Life Care

Studies have shown that patients who talked about their preferences for end of life care with their families and medical team:

Mesothelioma facts tell us person who discussed their preferences for end of life care has following qualities.

He feels less fear and depression.

involve patient in daily life matters. spend time to manage important work. give him please and comfortable environment.

Patient remains in confidence and direct medical team in his treatment.

care builds faith on family members and doctors. patient thinks they are best trying for his help.

He remains active till the end of mesothelioma death process.

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