Mesothelioma facts

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Mesothelioma facts
Mesothelioma facts

Mesothelioma facts

Mesothelioma definition

All human beings have internal organs. These internal organs have a protective sac around them called mesothelium. When malignant or cancerous cells found in mesothelium it is called mesothelioma. According to mesothelioma facts now patient accused by mesothelium cells cancer. Mesothelioma facts and mesothelioma treatment are correlates with each other. Healthy foods very help full in mesothelioma treatment.

Mesothelioma facts

  • It takes 30 to 50 years to show symptoms after exposure to asbestos.
  • In one year 14 to 30 people per 1 million people caught by mesothelioma.
  • Every year near about 2,000 to 2,500 people reported with mesothelium infection or cancer.
  • Major number of people diagnosed mesothelioma in the age of 50 to 70.
  • Men have more chances of mesothelium cancer than the women.
  • 50% patients hardly live 8 to 18 months after diagnosis and mesothelioma treatment.
  • 30% patients have 5 to 6 years living after disease diagnosis.
  • Mesothelioma treatment involves trials of drugs, experimental procedures by giving better environment and use of any proved helping technologies.

Some know how about mesothelium

A membrane in which all internal organs of human body surrounded is called mesothelium. It consists of two layers of cells, inner layer protects organs and outer layer makes sac. Two layers are filled with lubricated fluid. This fluid protects organs from friction, shock and helps them in free movement in case of heart and lungs. Mesothelium has names according to its location in human body. Abdominal cavity organs covered by mesothelium called peritoneum. Lungs covered by membrane called pleura. Heart in human body protected by cells layer called pericardium.

Mesothelioma facts about its spreading

United States caught by 2,000 cases for mesothelium infection per year. Rate of Mesothelioma is more in men than women. Old age men caught more quickly by this disease. This disease can caught in early hood in men and women. Healthy food, health recipes and good environment is helpful in mesothelioma treatment.

Mesothelioma facts and asbestos dust

Asbestos dust perhaps correlates with mesothelioma disease. Persons are working in environment where asbestos dust is present has more rate of mesothelioma. People caught by infection working in shipyard, heating, construction industries and especially asbestos products producers. Use of Protective mask while working in asbestos dust exposure decreases the risk of infection.  Occupational Safety and Health Administration of America limit the asbestos dust exposure at working environment. If family has mesothelium infection member this will increase risk of infection to other family members also. Asbestos dust can be transferred by cloth and hairs to homes and increase the risk of mesothelioma. What is asbestos dust briefly discussed above.

Mesothelioma symptoms

Pleural Mesothelioma appears with shortness of breath and chest pain but take 30 to 50 years after the exposure to asbestos dust.

Abdominal mesothelium layers infection produce peritoneal mesothelioma. It comes with abdominal pain and swelling due to fluid building in belly. Extra weight loss is another symptom. If cancer is prolong it will show fever, swelling and pain. Good and healthy food can be a best mesothelioma treatment.

Mesothelioma Diagnosis

Mesothelioma symptoms are closely related with many other diseases. Mesothelium infection or cancer diagnosis is very difficult. Mesothelioma facts reveal that medical history of mesothelioma patients helps in disease diagnosis. CT scan, different kinds of x-rays and MRI are used in mesothelioma diagnosis and treatment. Mesothelioma diagnosis confirmed by biopsy. Biopsy means when surgeon or medical oncologist takes infected tissue sample and pathologist observe it under microscope. Mesothelium infection has two stages. In first stage infection present only on membrane called localized mesothelioma or cancer. When mesothelium infection spread out from membrane to other parts of body it is called advance mesothelioma or cancer. Advance mesothelioma has more complications in its treatment than localized mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma treatment – conventional approach

Generally three standard treatments that are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy used foe mesothelioma treatment. Efficacy of treatment largely depends on paint general health, age, location of cancer and stage of disease. Unfortunately curative rate by standard treatment is very poor.

  • Surgery

In some early stage disease cases Extrapleural pneumonectomy affected for recurrence-free survival, but overall survival not guaranteed. Symptomatic effusions discomfort caused by tumour and pain can be controlled by Pleurectomy and decortication. There is Operative mortality rate high both in pleurectomy/decortication case and extrapleural pneumonectomy case.

  • Radiation and Chemotherapy

Patients of pleural mesothelioma treated with radiation shows alleviate pain but symptom control lived shortly. Doxorubicin use in chemotherapy generate partial response in 15% to 20% patients.

There are toxic side effects present for chemotherapy. The combination therapy of radiation and chemotherapy not guarantee any effectiveness. FDA America only approve Alimta as chemotherapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma. Some experimental study shows that if Alimta used with another medicine called Cisplatin it increase median survival for some months only.

  • Conclusion

Unfortunately according to physicians all standard treatment and therapeutic efficacy only enhance survival and quality of life for some period about 3 months after diagnosis. Standard treatment which is collection of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation has largely defeated in malignant mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma treatment

Mesothelioma treatment

Mesothelioma nutrition             

Diet consists of plants and nature almost has capability to fight back cancer such as mesothelioma. Different fruits and vegetables have great potential to cure the disease such as mesothelioma. Fruits and vegetables have ability to slow down the spreading of cancer. Consultation is necessary with oncologist or oncology nutritionist to start use natural foods in mesothelioma treatment. Mesothelioma facts tells us homemade pizza recipe is healthy for patients.

  • Blueberries

Plenty of anthocyanin, antioxidants are present in blueberries which enhance body power to fight against cancer cells.

  • Red and yellow peppers

They have high quantity of vitamin C. vitamin C has great power to make immune system stronger. Stronger immune system can better fight back against tumours and cancer infections such as mesothelioma.

  • Garlic

It slow down the carcinogenic activity and broken down the cancer cells. It have a unique nutrient profile that can fight back mesothelioma.

  • Apples

Quercetin adequately present in apples. It is a best antioxidant and proves toxic for cancer cells. Apples provide relief and quality life in mesothelioma disease.

Foods that provide relief in Mesothelioma Symptoms

Mesothelioma treatment is very tough and has many side effects. Better food can provide relief in symptom of disease. Most of oncologists say proper intake of fruits and vegetables can fight back cancer. Below mentioned foods is natural therapy for mesothelioma Patients.

  • Green tea with honey

It is best and proven method to relieve the patient from cough. It smooth down your respiratory track. Honey gives best curing results in mesothelioma lung cancer.

  • Fennel natural herb

Very precious herb it stimulate appetite. It gives relive from side effects of chemotherapy in mesothelioma.

  • Olive oil, avocado and peanut butter

All are gift of nature and they are healthy fats. They restore extra weight loss from cachexia and cancer infections. All of these plant based diet and strength the body to fight back against cancer.

  • Low fibre and protein foods

During chemotherapy and radiation of mesothelioma patients the use of low fibre foods prevents diarrhoea. White potatoes are beneficial in this regard.  Beans and many other natural protein foods are best for mesothelioma patients. They give relief from fatigue to the patients.

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