muscle building foods and meals

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muscle building foods meat

muscle building foods and meals



muscle building foods meat

muscle building foods – meat


  • BEEF

Beef is a part of muscle building meal. meat of Beef is a vital and important ingredient of food and diet because it is enriched with protein, zinc and iron. It is one of the best muscle building foods which should be in your diet plan if you want to gain muscle stronger, healthier and good looking. Beef is loaded with vitamin B also which plays a vital role in your muscles health and beauty. Sports man like Beef taken from grass-fed cattle it has better proportions of proteins, cholesterol and vitamins than conventionally or farm house cattle which also lake in conjugated linoleic acid. If your body working correctly Beef meat gives you proper body fat to ensure muscle building. Beef which is enriched with amino acid is a catalyst that reacts with insulin and boost muscle growth. It is best choice of food for those who want to lose weight because it fulfills the need of protein without giving extra calories to the body. Weight gainer like Beef meat very much. whey increased by using Beef.

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As we see Beef, chicken is also an best source of protein. As you know protein is best for muscle building and for muscle repair. You can take chicken in fast food recipes and in this way you can safe cooking time and also get full high quality protein also. You can avail Chicken meat at low price than beef so it is cost effective solution for your protein need. Chicken is called white meat and very less cholesterol in it as compared to Beef meat. It is healthier source to boost muscle building. Body building clubs does not promote eating of chicken as compared to Beef. You can use it after or before workout.

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  • FISH

 Fish have high level of protein with very low level of cholesterol which is best for body health and muscle building. Its meat is full of omeg-3 fatty acids it is very vital and important component which is required by body. Omega-3 slow down the aging process of body and regularize the metabolism of your body, it also prevents the unnecessary fat loss and consumption. It is highly recommended do not use supplements for Omega-3 but fish meat fulfills it naturally.

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muscle building foods meat grains

muscle building foods meat – grains



Brown rice relates to whole grains those provides energy to muscle for longer period of time because the digesting of these is slow than the refined grains food. They also enhance growth hormone in the body so very helpful in muscle building and their repair. It’s a natural food which minimizes the fat loss of body and helpful in maintain beautiful look of body and muscles. Brown rice give a long lasting and sustainable energy to the body and muscles and becomes helpful to maintain muscle health. Rice have many nutrients.

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Oatmeal is whole grains great hub for carbohydrates in it. this is slow digesting food and low glycaemic index and not falls into processed food. Enriched with fibre so regulates digestive system so provides better energy for muscle building. It provides help in get ridding extra fat from muscles so they can maintain healthy look. Minimizes hunger effect for the long period of time and provides continuous energy to the body. Oatmeal efficiently loses weight but protects body muscles beauty.

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It is very useful source of selenium, vitamin B, iron, zinc, fibre and protein. Wheat germ also has plenty of good type of amino acids and a little bit of glutamine that refreshes lean muscles and body.

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It is whole grains food made by organic process. It provide a healthy and complete source of protein and all kinds of amino acids. Amino acids are essential for development of lean muscles so it is very necessary for lean muscles building. Ezekiel bread is best muscle building meal and muscle building food that boost muscles building.

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Fruits and Vegetables

The nature gives us best food source those are best anti-aging and antioxidants those are fruits and vegetables. They protect and regulate functions of different body processes. Fruits and vegetables enriched with fibre which regularize digestion process and smooth line the whole process. They contains vitamins, minerals and other beneficial chemicals.

muscle building foods fruits and vegetables

muscle building foods –
fruits and vegetables



The king of fruits is apple which has a typical kind of polyphenols which increase muscles strength and prevent muscle fatigue. You can continue your muscle building exercises for a long time. It is catalyst for fat burning and you can take it before starting exercise so you can continue exercise without fatigue for a longer time period and get smarter and beautiful muscles.

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Oranges has plenty of vitamin C catalyst for muscles growth and strength. It is advised that oranges taken before starting exercise. Oranges gives strength to lean muscles.

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It is a type of water melon a best fruit with low fructose and fast digesting. Due to its ability of fast digesting, in the morning first thing to eat is for better recovery of nutrient deficiency due to long fasting at night. It is good fruit which is used after exercise to gain recovery.

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It plays an vital role in getting strength of lean muscles due to better working in presence of insulin and stimulates body growth. It is complete protein and a slow digesting carbohydrate.

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It is used after exercise due to its high glycaemic index. There is no need to digest it. It goes directly to blood stream and gives energy for recovery. It has plenty of dextrose very simple bonding carbohydrate directly absorbs in blood and gives energy.

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It is very useful vegetable has glutamine and amino acids very important for growth of lean muscles. Spinach enhances endurance and strength of muscles very quickly. it is one of the ideal muscle building foods.

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Healthy Fats

Good and healthy fats are necessary for muscles and body growth. Healthy fats are part of muscle building foods and produce different hormones in body for example testosterone for adults and growth hormones in this way muscles grows and strengthens and gains shape. Fats are also used in repair and maintenance of body and muscles and thus best component of muscle building foods.


Organic milk is best natural food. It enriched with whey and casein protein and has amino acids and has plenty of glutamine. muscle building foods must have omega-3 It has omega-3 fatty acids that are anti-aging agents and maintain the growth of lean muscles.

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Greek yogurt is very useful food like plain yogurt. This has plenty of healthy bacteria those are smooth line the digestion process. Yogurt is best producer of casein protein. It also gives you a little bit carbohydrates. Take up of milk after exercise refreshes you. best nutrient for muscles growth. it must be necessary part of diet for muscles development.

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Cottage Cheese

It’s very nice source of protein to build muscles if used before going to bed. It’s a type of protein which has complex bonding so its digestion process is very long and slow. Casein protein is continuous energy source for development of muscles and body during night when normally you are in fasting situation while sleeping. It is perfect solution for muscles maintenance and repair. Cottage cheese is also best source of very beneficial nutrients such as vitamin B12 and calcium. Especially we can acquire boosting benefit during night when we do not take food for a long period of time. the use of cottage cheese is perfect solution to prevent fatigue during workouts.


Eggs are historically and naturally proved best and to the point protein source. It is pure only protein and least effective in lean muscles building due to lake of amino acids. Eggs are also has a plenty of cholesterol. It is proven that the cholesterol from yolk of egg will decrease the amount of LDL which is bad type of cholesterol so eggs are healthy food. Eggs also have vitamin D which strengthen your bones as well as it is from muscle building foods. Before workouts the use of eggs is ideal to reduce fatigue.

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