Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy

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Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy

Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy

It is obvious question that at what stage a person diagnosed with lung cancer. Mesothelioma facts tell us 40 to 50 per cent people diagnosed disease in stage 4. In light of above mentioned fact, it is very important to study stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy. Unfortunately in stage 4 of lung cancer diagnoses becomes very late so it is very crucial to patient and family members to know about treatment and survival rate.

We discuss different variables that play vital role in Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy. These are main factors on which patient survival is dependent. Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy varies from person to person.

  • Type and location of lung cancer

It is mainly depend on type of cancer that diagnosed at stage 4. The location of lung cancer also plays vital role in survival rates. Some cancer remains in a distant region of thin tissue layer. Other types of cancer spread extensively and encompass lungs. If tumour does not spread in to lungs it has better survival rate. Genetics of patient also affect life expectancy at stage 4 because in some cases tumour does not have roots that penetrate in lungs. Tumour with target-able mutations for example ALK-positive lung cancer, EGFR mutations and ROS1 mutations are relatively more curable with targeted therapies than the others.

  • Age and Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy

People with young age fight back disease and live longer than if cancer diagnosed in older age. Younger ones have strong immune system that prevents tumour to spread. Proper treatment enhance survival rate in younger patients than the older ones.

  • Male and female life expectancy

It is also dependent on sex of patient of lung cancer at stage 4. Life expectancy of women is more than men patients of lung cancer. Overall women survival rates are higher than men at all different stages of lung cancer.


Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy

Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy


  • Patient general health at time of diagnosis

People diagnosed lung cancer when their overall health is fit, it may lead to longer life expectancy. General health helps the patent to fight back against lung cancer.

  • Response of patient to treatment

Different people have different genetics. Some patient tolerates treatments such as surgery, targeted therapies, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Other does not bear above mentioned hard treatments.

  • Other diseases and survival in lung cancer

Health Condition of patient plays vital role in stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy. Emphysema decreases the survival rate for patient of lung cancer.

  • Role of complications of lung cancer

Complications attached with lung cancer minimize stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy. Generation of blood clots in lungs and some time at thin layer around abdomen lower the survival rates.

  • Spreading of lung cancer

Survival rate also affected by how much cancer spread to other organs of body. It can spread to brain, liver and adrenal glands. There is very rare chance of survival when lung cancer spread out to different parts of body.

Statistics for lung cancer

Different statistics appeared in different times those are based on treatments given to patients and results studied. With passage of time treatments are approved but clinical studies give us comprehensive facts and figures about stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy. Stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer survival rate is 50 per cent for 1 year. Five year survival rate is only 4 per cent.

Symptoms of Stage 4 lung cancer

There are severe and very distinctive symptoms appear at stage 4 of lung cancer. Tumour spread and its roots penetrate in to lungs. Below are main symptoms of lung cancer at stage 4.

Very high fever

Chest conjunction and tightness

Feels very difficulty in breathing

Strong pain in chest


Extraordinary night sweats

Collection of fluid in chest or abdomen


Extra fatigue

Extensive weight loss

Managing stage 4 mesothelioma

It is very late stage of diagnosis and almost not curable. Treatments are present to improve quality of life till death.

Control on diabetes, blood pressure and other complications produced by lung cancer enhance quality of life. Treatment may helpful to do important work before end of life.

  • What you can do at stage 4 lung cancer?

Research on lung cancer now at stage that much treatment option available for patient. Awareness and information must be spread out the world so oncologist can handle patient efficiently.

Mesothelioma facts now reveals that patient with better know how about his disease can better fight back against it. He is able to guide his family members and better council with his medical counterparts.

To acquire handsome knowledge about lung cancer and other kinds of mesothelioma you can join forum and community on internet. You can join social media for lung cancer. Many organizations provide free clinical trials and guide to mesothelioma patient.

Lung cancer kinds and Overall Survival Rates

  • Small Cell Lung Cancer

It is dangerous type of cancer. Unfortunately there is only 6 per cent 5-year survival rate in this disease. In extensive attack of disease patient live only 2 to 4 months and with treatment only 6 to 12 months.

  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

This type of lung cancer has relatively better life expectancy. Non-small cell lung cancer has 18 per cent 5-year survival rate.

  • Subtype of lung adenocarcinoma

BAC is subtype of Non-small cell cancer with very much better survival rate. BAC diagnosed in early stage has 100 per cent survival rate. 5-year survival rate varies according to stage of lung cancer.

Stage of lung cancer and survival rates

Different people have slightly different survival rates. Study also shows that the time of diagnoses of disease have major impact on survival rates. Lung cancer has different stages and different types. We will discuss survival rate according to stages of lung cancer.

  • Stage 1 (Non-Small Cell lung cancer)

There are overall two kinds in it. 1A lung cancer has 5-year survival rate of 49 per cent and 1B lung cancer has 45 per cent.

  • Stage 2 (Non-Small Cell lung cancer)

There are overall two kinds in it. 2A lung cancer has 5-year survival rate of 30 per cent and 2B lung cancer has 30 per cent.

  • Stage 3 (Non-Small Cell lung cancer)

There are overall two kinds in it. 3A lung cancer has 5-year survival rate of 14 per cent and 3B lung cancer has 12 per cent.

  • Stage 4 (Non-Small Cell lung cancer)

Stage 4 diagnoses are very late and disease spread out in body. Unfortunately 5-year survival rate is only 3 to 6 per cent. Median survival time is about 6 months that varies from person to person. Despite off all research and advancement of treatment Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy is very poor.

Ultimate conclusion for Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy

There are no ultimate results present for stage 4 lung cancer. Treatments for mesothelioma are changing day by day. Research work is continuing. There are many people live now diagnosed lung cancer at stage 4. It is best practice fight back disease with will and consults expert opinion; there will much better survival rates with modern treatments.

Old statistics about lung cancer changing now and much betterment comes with hope that mankind will be able to secure themselves from this deadly disease. Knowledge about lung cancer, timely diagnoses, modern and correct treatment can make survival rate better.

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