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It is a brand owned by Dow Chemical Company. Closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam made for craft applications and thermal insulation called Styrofoam.

Sometimes not extruded polystyrene foam (disposable coffee cups, coolers and cushioning material in packaging) is known as Styrofoam particularly in United States and Canada. it first developed in 1941 at Dow Chemical Physics Lab.





Styrofoam Uses

It is very useful material and widely used in United States and in hole World. There are following uses of extruded polystyrene or Styrofoam.

It is used in construction industry as insulation material.

Craft industry also uses this material in their craft application and products.

In road construction it is used beneath roads to prevent soil disturbances due to thawing and freezing.

Different disposable food containers are also made by this material.

Environmental effects of Styrofoam

It observed by international Agency for research on cancer that styrene can create cancer in people. The American National Bureau of Standards Centre for Fire Research claimed that chemicals and fumes produced during combustion of expended polystyrene are hazards to human health.

it can cause food contamination. It affects reproductive system of human. Containers made with this material polluted food if used in microwave oven. the American Chemistry Council argue that styrene transferred to food and food become dangerous for health. NIH report shows it is is largest factor that transfer styrene in human body.

Manufacturing of Styrofoam produce carbon dioxide and pentane. Both of these substances are pollutant.

Benzene is main part of it and it is carcinogenic. EPA classified it as pollutant. United States banned the use of it due to its harmful effects. Benzene is main ingredient of this material and a hazard at work place.

Dioxins also used in manufacturing of it and it are pollutant. it is very dangerous chemical for human health.

It is non-bio degradable product. Latest study reveals that darkling beetle larvae can eat and digest Styrofoam. 100 mealworms can consume 40 milligrams of it per day. Sunlight is not able to destroy this material for 100 years. Research work is continuing on dropping mealworms into soil. Is it safe for human and plants presence of mealworms in soil?

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Styrofoam

  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

It is expanding form of polystyrene. Polystyrene beads bonds under extreme pressure and heat and produced this rigid material. this material used in disposable food containers, coffee cups and different ornamental items.

  • Styrofoam

It is brand of Dow Chemical Company. It is extruded polystyrene and used in construction industry for insulation. this also used in craft and special events industry.

Advantages of Polystyrene foam or Styrofoam

it has 98 percent of air so it is very light weight material.

it is very low thermal conductivity. so it is used in construction industry as isolation material. its heat coefficient is under 0.039.

very good anti impact ability due to 98 percent air in it.

study shows that humidity is dangerous for thermal and mechanical properties of any material. it has very low water absorption ability. so it provides though thermal protection and isolation.

disposable and cheap containers and packaging are made by this material.

it is recyclable material with very high recovery in related plastic materials.

very energy efficient life cycle for all Styrofoam products.

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