vitamin c function

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Vitamin C function

Vitamin C function and benefits

It is vital vitamin for men and women.Vitamin C alternatively called ascorbic acid. Sodium ascorbate is one of a number of mineral salts of ascorbic acid.It is dissolved in water. Heat makes unstable its chemical bonding. It mixed with water and absorbed in stomach. Extra amount of vitamin C expelled out by urine. Vitamin C loses its chemical bonding on high temperature cooking and mixed in water for long period of time. In short vitamin C function elaborated as under.

  • Stronger immune system and better Immunity

If we take vitamin C as required our body it makes immune system stronger. It prevents infections and gives us stronger teeth and bones. Stronger immune system means we are protected against viruses, bacteria and other body infections. Skin protection is miracle of vitamin C. vitamin C function is to heal wounds faster.

  • Vitamin C function in common cold

It is effective antihistamine in common cold. Vitamin C gives you shield against common cold symptoms. Duration of common cold can be minimized by use of vitamin C. Supplementation for vitamin C is very effective in common cold.

  • Vitamin C role as anti-aging and antioxidant

Free radicles in our body that speed up aging process will be controlled by vitamin C. vitamin C function is to minimize oxidative stress, atherosclerosis and chances of heart disease. Daily intakes of vitamin C best dietary and nutr solution for anti aging. Vitamin C is full of antioxidants and supplements for human health.

  • Hypertension and vitamin C function

It works as catalyst in lowering blood pressure and makes quality of life better. Vitamin C works as antioxidant and protect cells from deterioration. Resource Description and Access (rda) proves vitamin C function in hypertension.

  • Vitamin C function in blurry vision

It is necessary for eye pupils to work proper. Lower level of vitamin C produces cataracts. Cataracts means when eye lens becomes opaque and it give rise to blurry vision.

  • Vitamin C role in protecting Blood Vessels

Vitamin C is necessary for collagen and connective tissues. It works as agent to protect blood vessels. Minimize stiffness of blood vessels. Control high cholesterol. Increase blood circulation in blood vessels is vitamin C function.

  • Vitamin C function to control lead level

It’s a dramatic role of vitamin C to maintain lower level of lead in our body. Increased level of lead produced toxicity in our body. Lead toxicity leads to lower IQ level, kidney problems and high blood pressure.

  • Vitamin C as weight loss agent

Doctors and nutritionists agreed upon vitamin C function in lowering fat. Fruits and vegetables enriched with vitamin C lower down insulin level in body and burn fat to produce energy.

  • Stress controlling a unique role of vitamin C

Vitamin C refreshed the body. It helps in lowering stress producing hormones and cortisol. When you eat fruits enriched with vitamin C you are feeling well. Neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine control mood of men and women. Vitamin C regulates Neurotransmitters and free radicals.

  • Vitamin C function in minimizing chances of cancer

It reduces the breakdown of cells. Vitamin C is antioxidant so protects DNA of cells and lowers down production of toxic substances in cells that can produce cancer of lungs (mesothelioma), throat and oesophagus. It makes stronger immune system that fight against cancer.

  • Controlling of energy requirements

It regulates internal body processes in relation to external environment. Vitamin C regulates metabolism to control energy production and maintain healthy life.

  • Shield against heart disease

Vitamin C is antioxidant so it minimizes free radicals in blood. It prevents damaging on arteries walls. Increase in health of veins and arteries protect men and women from heart stroke.

  • Best companion in diabetes

In diabetes vitamin C function to lower down insulin level to burn fat and sugar provides energy to body. It reduces sugar level in blood and enforces sugar to remain inside cell mitochondria.

  • Vitamin C function in asthma

Use of fruits enriched with vitamin C prevents production of histamine and prevent asthma.

  • Vitamin C benefits for skin

It provides sun rays protection. Vitamin C major contributor while skin treatments. Cosmetic industry uses this miracle ingredient in their products. Ultraviolet radiation shielded by vitamin C. vitamin C reduces the chances of skin cancer.

  • Vitamin C benefits in healing of wounds

Human body required vitamin C in healing process. Vitamin C boosts up the healing of wounds. Deficiency of vitamin C slows down the healing process.

  • Vitamin C Benefits and hairs

Hairs are beautiful part of body. Vitamin C nourishes hairs and protects them from heat, sun light and pollution. Decolourization of hairs can be reduced by vitamin C. it nourishes hairs and make them thick and shiny.

Foods enriched with vitamin C

Vitamin C function

Vitamin C function

Below mentioned fruits, vegetables and foods have abundant quantity of vitamin C.

All kids of citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit

White and red Watermelon


Winter squash

Sweet potatoes
Turnip greens and yellow
India Mango
Kiwi fruits
Green and red peppers

Vitamin C daily requirement

We are a specific quantity of vitamin C required in our food daily. Below mentioned table tells us details of vitamin C requirements according to age of people.

Age boundaries of peopleQuantities required of vitamin C
infants – 6 months40mg
7 months – 8 months50mg
9 months – 3 years15mg
4 years – 8 years25mg
9 years – 13 years45mg
14 years – 18 years (Boys)75mg
14 years – 18 years (Girls)65mg
19 years and above (men)90mg
19 years and above (women)75mg
Pregnant women85mg
Breastfeeding women120mg

Vitamin C deficiency

It is utmost impossible vitamin C deficiency because normal food we use daily have vitamin C. persons those smoke cigarettes can have deficiency of vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency symptoms mentioned below.

  • Vitamin C deficiency and hairs

Due to vitamin C deficiency hairs are damaged. Hairs become dry and split into two at its end. Growth of hairs decreases with deficiency of vitamin C.

  • Scurvy

It is Very severe output of deficiency of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. scurvy gives rise to depressed mood, bleeding gums, blurry vision and spots on skin.

  • Vitamin C deficiency and normal symptoms

Swelling and bleeding in gums, rough and spotty skin, slow down healing of wounds and weaker immunity system are normal symptoms of deficiency of vitamin C.

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